Albert Einstein as a teacher

We all know Albert Einstein as a scientist! Narrating an incident about his sense of humor!

When it was examination time, all the students in Albert Einstein’s class used to be assured that they know the question(s) that were going to appear on the exam.

One batch of students got curious and asked him,

“How is it that you ask us the same question(s) in the question paper every year? Do you not know that the questions are shared openly with everyone and everyone in the class already knows the question(s) that are going to come on this year’s exam as well? Are you not worried that we will copy the answers and cheat on the exam? How will you gauge us on the subject?”

Albert Einstein laughed and replied to them thus,

“I know that I ask the same question(s) every year. The question remains the same, however the answers are not the same every year, and are evolving”

Saluting his mindset and his sense of humor!

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