Being thankful for what we have

Let us take a minute and be thankful for the things we take for granted in life!

Although these may seem simple, COVID times has made us re-evaluate the very basics in life!

What am I thankful for today?

Family sitting together having a meal
Knowing we will always be loved
Work that helps pay our bills
Friends to cheer us up always
Speedy recovery from complex health issues
Being able to smell and taste
Food to share with the hungry
Having someone who checks on us
As we start counting our blessings
Heart is filled abundantly with gratitude

Just a simple hello, a chat or a care basket from friends fill our heart with warmth – especially during tough times!

My friend Sylvia sent us this flower basket with best wishes wishing us peace, comfort and blessings!

Thank you Sylvia 🙂 Your kind gesture made our day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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