Christmas celebrations across the world

While talking to some of my friends in Australia, realized that Christmas time is summer over there! Wanted to see how Christmas celebrations look like across the world.. sharing those that I found interesting! Wish you all Merry Christmas 🙂

Typical Christmas memory

A living room with a well decorated Christmas tree, fireplace, stockings hanging on the walls, a nice rocking chair on the side and some cookies and milk! Something like the picture below..!

Christmas in USA

Vivid memories of Rockefeller center and the decorations come to mind!

Rockefeller center in New York City

Contests across cities to declare the best decorated home

During November – sometime from Thanksgiving to New Year, homes are decorated with lights, candy canes, snowmen etc. Best season for homeowners to bring out their creativity 🙂 I remember my friend taking me for a midnight drive to look around the homes and their beautiful decorations during Christmas… that was my first memory of Christmas in USA. Have always looked forward to see these across the country since then!

Christmas in Canada

Christmas @ London

A view of the Christmas tree with the London bridge!

christmas @ japan

Beautiful view of Japan during Christmas!


Christmas in a desert

Could not imagine this! I am used to relating Christmas to snow, not a hot desert 🙂 This one made me smile! Could never think of comparing the height of a Christmas tree to a giraffe!

Christmas @ Iceland

Wondered how Christmas would be at Iceland.. WOW 🙂 What a beautiful view! The place seems lit up amidst the snow!

christmas @ russia

Look at the shining floor.. is it snow-turned-ice or is that decor? Looks beautiful with a castle in the background!

Christmas @ Australia

This is what triggered my search around the world 🙂 Snowmen made of sand… wow.. the world is definitely different on the southern end! Must visit places during Christmas 🙂

Christmas @ Germany

Christmas markets seem to be famous in Germany. The brightness of the place brings a smile on our faces 🙂

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone

You know of any other special places – do share them in the comments below or post them on Learning Thursdays on Facebook

Merry Christmas and season’s best wishes to all of you!

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