Daily motivation #76

One small positive thought in the mornings can change our whole day, and impact those around us!

When we cannot be there for everyone, and the feeling of the world resting on your shoulders sets in, it is time to take a deep breath and focus on ourselves.

Spend some time recharging ourselves. If needed, get some alone time to gather your thoughts.

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak – Meditation Quote – Instant  Download by MaeMaes

When our mind is confused, we find it hard to focus, realize, understand and do the next right thing!

All of us have that one person whom we can help – first ourselves and those immediately around us.

Panic and anxiety might surround us & fill our minds, however, try to retain a smile and face the current challenges!

Thousands of thoughts pour in and our mind becomes a battleground trying to figure out which thoughts to prioritize and what yardstick can be used to do that. When we do not know what to do next – especially in times of chaos, quietening our mind helps.

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