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When I talk about personality type with my friends who do not have an exposure to the Corporate world, I used to be amused at their responses 🙂 Do you mean an aggressive type, romantic type, adventurous type etc.

For those who have taken up psychology as a subject, you would know the multitude of personality types and how they can be identified and the characteristics they exhibit. For those who would like to know more about it, or would like to understand their children’s personality types and understand them better, sharing some of the interesting assessments that I have come to like so far!

Myers Brigg personality type (MBTI) (Click on the image to access the self-assessment)

The MBTI (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) helps an invidual introspect and self-assess themselves on a variety of questions. For students in high school or college, this kind of introspection helps them understand themselves and their choices / preferences. They help reflect and indicate a potential suite of careers that might be the right fit for them.

Take the test and try a self-assessment –

For adults, this kind of introspection helps them understand their choices and preferences and also understand the people they are working with. Understanding another person’s personality type helps relate and connect to them better. Especially, when a group of Introverts and Extroverts are to work together, having an understanding of each other’s types sustain inclusivity in the team.

As a parent, this instrument helps at a broad level to understand the child’s basic nature. While children tend to change, their assessment results also showcase a change in trend (taking one annually helps).

Why do I like this one? While MBTI is a standard questionnaire, it gives a 4×4 – 16 personality types to define people. For a trained psychologist, it is easy to figure out personality to a larger level of detail. However, I have seen normal people are not psychologists – if something is easy to understand, self-explanatory, it is easier to use and benefit from the same.

The explanations of the personality types that have been covered in this site are extremely informative. I have shared this and used these instruments during consultations at office and for school and college students. For a first level broad view, this one perfectly fits. It also helps parents feel extremely comfortable in understanding their child’s behavior and figure out how to support the child.

Would be great to see if you have used it, and if you did, do share your experience 🙂

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