Local entrepreneurs series #5 – Vintage pens

I had the opportunity to interact with William Plum during a local craft fair. Was inspired by his vintage pens and writing this post to request support! During the pandemic, we can support local small businesses and entrepreneurs in some way we can! Every bit counts!

I grew up using fountain pens for school. Filling the ink and ensuring the nib was perfect (without anything blocking the tip) for the writing to flow while exhibiting my style of handwriting was a big deal. Am sure many of my school friends share the feeling!

These days, it is all about ball point pens (or that is what we call the pens in circulation now). When I saw William Plum sell these vintage pens at a local craft fair, it was nostalgic.

These would make perfect Corporate gifts, gifts for appreciation awards, conferences, event take-aways, gifts for leaders. If you are in HR or Corporate events or are looking for vintage gifts for your loved ones, you would want to take a look at these pens!

William Plum – 908-788-1020

Sharing some of the vintage designs he had shared with me.

1929 Parker Duofold pen

In jade green with a fine to medium 14 kt. gold nib and gold filled trim and cap bands. Pen is a button fill. Pen barrel has common darkening. 

Measures: 4-1/2″ capped and5-3/4″ posted.

Price: $135.   

1950s Esterbrook

lever fill fountain pen in black PLUS matching mechanical pencil. Pen available with either fine or extra fine nib.  

Price: $70 for the set

1929 Wahl-Eversharp

Rolled gold mechanical pencil, ring top.

BCHR! Black Chased HardRubber.  A late model for this.

Measures: 4 inches. Cap twist lead feed. Rub the black area…it smells like a car tire! Leads supplied.

Price: $85

1929 Wahl-Eversharp

“Harp” ring top. The cap, barrel and fill lever are gold filled. Lever snaps closed after filling. Nib is XF-F and 14 kt.Pen measures 3-1/4″ capped and 5-1/4″ posted. A real beauty to see and use! 

PRICE: $175.

1950S Esterbrook

Fountain pen. In copper PLUS matching mechanical pencil. 

Pen available with either fine or extra fine nib. 

PRICE: $65 for the set.  

1918 Sheaffer

Titan Pearl and Black Mechanical Pencil with gold filled bell crown cap and trim.

Measures: 5-1/4 inches. Cap twist lead feed. Leads supplied.

PRICE: $60

Basic Black or Jade Green model available.

Can I request you to support this local entrepreneur during the pandemic! You can buy some of these pens or suggest them at your office gatherings or events, or share it with your friends who are interested in vintage gifts. Every bit of support counts!

Look forward to posting about another entrepreneur or small business next week! Thank you for your support!

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