Compilation of bird/animal similies. Interesting to see how we tend to exemplify one of their traits so significantly.

As angry as a hornet
As bald as a eagle
As blind as a bat
As brave as a lion
As busy as a bee
As dead as the dodo
As drunk as a skunk
As eager as a beaver
As free as a bird
As fierce as a tiger
As graceful as a gazelle
As gentle as a lamb
As happy as a lark
As hungry as a horse
As gentle as a lamb
As lame as a duck
As mischievous as a monkey
As playful as a kitten
As proud as a peacock
As sly as a fox
As strong as a bull
As tall as a giraffe
As timid as a rabbit
As quiet as a mouse
As slippery as an eel
As slow as a snail
As strong as an ox

As stubborn as a mule

As wise as an owl

While the animals and birds have many traits, we seem to be exemplifying one of their traits, does this happen to us? Made me wonder, are we branded similarly by only one of our traits?

If I have missed any similies that you are aware of, please feel free to share in the comments below

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4 thoughts on “Similies

  1. I read a story once that really influenced me. There was a pub (from back in the old days), full of people. Someone asked, ” How many people are inside?”. His friend replied:”I don’t know, let’s find out”. So, he put a big log in front of the door. As the night fell, one by one the people were leaving the pub. As they opened the door, they would stumble into the log, hurt their feet and continue their walk home stumping and cursing. Finally the last person left, he hit his foot, cursed and moved the log out of the way. So, the friend said: “and the answer is: one person! all the rest were sheep!”…Hence a new simile for you: dumb as a sheep. or better…indifferent and passive as a sheep.

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