Geeta Stupa at Arkansas

Interesting to see the way architecture and religion come together in a different perspective. Not as a temple, but as a way to share the scriptures.

Building unique architecture is a great way to leave a legacy. It is even more great to see that combined with a religious perspective. We are used to seeing temples and ancient architecture, however this temple in Arkansas, Bentonville seems to have taken this to the next level.

700 verses of BhagavadGita have been written on these Geeta Stupas. Nine pillars with 2 faces (sides) each totaling 18 faces (sides). The 18 chapters of BhagavadGita comprising of 700 shlokas have been engraved in brass plates in Sanskrit and English languages. Every shloka has a brief meaning as well. Last year on Sri Krishna Janmashtami day (24th August 2019), this Geeta Stupa seems to have been inaugurated.

Now comes the technology part – In front of the 9 Stupas, there is an engraving where visitors can press a button to get a small coupon. This coupon includes the chapter number and shloka number. Visitors go around the stupas to locate their shloka to receive the message from God. That shloka that one gets that day is believed to have the answer / guidance to their question.

Priest at the temple giving a tour of Geeta Stupa

This architecture and blending with technology seemed to be creating a new dimension of technology when blended with religion. There is a huge scope for innovation and technology in this space, and I felt this innovation just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

Kudos and pranams to the architects, designers and thought leaders who came up with this idea! It would be interesting to see Stupas like this across religions inaugurated with more technology innovations blended into them all around the world.

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