Summer time – six word stories

Summer time six word stories!

Asked a group of friends & family to describe what summer meant to them in six words 🙂

  1. Perfect time to hit the beach
  2. Take a vacation before starting college
  3. Don’t forget to water the plants
  4. Salads always taste best during summer!
  5. Summer is the season for mangoes
  6. Time to do what we want
  7. Pool parties and water balloons fights
  8. Time to go berry picking again
  9. Setup flower beds, get butterfly nets
  10. First, write a summer to-do list
  11. Clean the bottles, lets catch fireflies
  12. Invite friends over, its barbecue time
  13. Don’t spoil summer talking about homework
  14. Try the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle
  15. Local hikes with family are memorable
  16. Have a cookout in the backyard
  17. Donate old stuff to local shelters
  18. Try watching sunrise at the beach
  19. Bring out your family lemonade recipe
  20. Paint your walls, decorate your rooms

What does summer mean to you? Do share your six word summer stories!

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