Can you fish?

Fishing is a calming activity that can seem like an extremely stressful one for some of us!

Few years back, we went to celebrate our anniversary and there was a surprise planned for us. We got invited to a special fishing trip in the Atlantic..! With the small boat loaded with food items, our family of three generations stepped into sea.

Although it was our vacation, I was working (did not know how to take a break from work during those days :)). There were calls scheduled before and after the trip, and a backup plan just in case I was late to return. Who will run the call, when to decide whether we need to reschedule et all.

Children were relaxed, spouse had taken time off and was relaxed, parents were relaxed, and the only one stressed out was me – trying to fit a fishing trip between two critical meetings! Now that I look back, I cannot stop laughing at myself!

So, we start the trip and we reach a place that had plenty of fish (according to the local experts). We all have our vests on, setup our fishing rods, set the bait, put the rods in the water and wait.

Parents were cracking jokes, spouse and kids were enjoying looking at the water and fish below, and I was stressed out – no progress yet!!!

5 minutes later…. no progress

10 minutes later….. not yet

30 minutes later…. not yet

Down Time: Pontoon fishing at Disney | Power-Pole presents..

Everyone was enjoying the fishing experience and I was super stressed out feeling like a failure that not ONE fish was ready to take the bait.

That day I realized how some activities need us to be a different mindset to get results!

I read more about the types of personalities

  1. Hunter – Those with the Hunter personality like results – instant gratification. Every action they take is calculated and every reaction is planned, return on investment is key. Hunter personality is perfect for leaders who look to expand new horizons and is best suited for those in Sales. You give them a new landscape and they will figure out a way to hunt and sell and make their presence felt. They do not need a scope or a boundary, they have the capability of setting their own and expanding where need be.
  2. Farmer – Those with the Farmer personality are very methodical, follow the process and are ready to wait for results. They sow the seeds (put in their efforts) and follow a methodical process to get results at a later point of time. They are not for instant results/gratification. They are hardworking, reliable, plan for long term and ready to hone their skills slowly and steadily to get better results. They work extremely well with boundaries and scope and farm and grow what they are given.
  3. Fisherman – Those with the Fisherman personality believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Whatever happens or does not happen does not bother them. It is not important whether they catch the fish or not, the experience matters to them. They plan for long term, put in their bait and are ready to wait. These people might have the tendency to invest long term in stocks are willing to wait 10-20 years to get results. They prefer operating in a calmer mindset.

Now, those who operate in the hunter/farmer personalities at office typically are asked to take a fishing vacation to calm their minds. However, they find it extremely hard. It takes effort to switch off from work, calm our minds and then engage in a very different set of activities.

Switching into each of these personalities and creating your boundaries is a skill that can be forcefully developed over time. Make sure you plan a variety of activities periodically that involve all three types of activities and mentally switch off from the other two while working on one of them.

I started gardening to learn patience like a farmer… it significantly helped revisit my expectations in all facets of life! Fishing became much easier after that 🙂

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