Combatting seeds of doubt

During conversations, some have the tendency to sow seeds of doubt! How it takes shape over the subsequent days and weeks is left to the individuals involved in the conversations!

Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes detrimental. Being able to differentiate the two becomes critical.

In a simple manner, these comics seem to illustrate the point!

Seeds of doubt when planted, will grow!

The seed of doubt... - Album on Imgur

They grow into uncertainty leading to failure!

Seed of Doubt – Mister & Me

Usually, the ones whom we trust the most find it the easiest to sow a seed of doubt!

Doubts do not fade immediately. They slowly take shape in our minds, running in the background. We start questioning ourselves and our capabilities. We start doubting ourselves and fear to take the next step forward. Even small activities become hard as fear and insecurities take over.

If you are ever facing self-doubt, change your circle to include those who support you, give you hope, lend you kind & supportive words to help pull you up back on your feet!

If you have lost someone in your life who used to be your constant support, who used to give you hope & build you up, find yourself someone else who can be your constant ray of hope!

For some, it may be religion & God, for some it may be a new circle of friends, for some their families, for some a new job and co-workers! Whatever be the source, ensure you encircle yourself with those who are able to pull you up!

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