Conversations with women leaders

It was an interesting opportunity to converse with a few women leaders from a diverse set of fields today.

Sharing some tips that got etched in most of our minds…

  1. When you get to the end of the rope (which you will – if you are working in any organization for a long time), tie a knot at the end of the rope and hang on to it! Do not give up or quit at that point, as that is where your resilience grows exponentially! Coming from an Olympic champion, that felt great!
  2. Hone your skills and keep them ready, as when the those around you (men mostly) drop the ball, you are ready and capable to take on the role!
  3. Never shy away from any job! Sometimes life puts you in a place where you walk into the building as a VIP, and next day you might be selling cookies in the same place. When you show up consistently, and do what you need to do, you grow internally! Getting back your swag will not take long!
  4. Ensure you have a bunch of people (women especially) who root for you. Having a group of folks who can review your resume, give you constructive inputs, make the necessary connections for you to succeed is critical. If you do not have a group who roots for you, get yourself one, and when you have one, try to be one!
  5. Lead your party! Celebrate wins.. even small wins and make sure those with you are included in your celebrations!
  6. When life hits you hard and you need to bow down and go through difficult times, know that even during difficult & challenging times, people notice you and your behavior/ leadership/ attitude. Who knows whether your next job offer might be from one of them!
  7. Network with people and know what is happening in the industry and how measures to support are being taken by corporates, governments. There might be something that would benefit you.

Every one in the room could resonate with these, irrespective of their fields of work.

If these tips resonate with any of you, do share this article with your women colleagues or friends as well!

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