Gardening – Growing Mint

Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow at home!

If you are new to gardening, this is an easy plant to grow!

Follow the simple steps to grow mint at home!

1. Buy a fresh bunch of mint leaves (with stalks)

2. Place the mint stalks in a jar of water soaking one end of the stalks

3. Change the water once a day

4. Check for stalks growing roots at the bottom of the stalks (where the stalks are soaked in water)

5. Once the roots start growing, then it is time to re-plant them

6. Let the roots grow for 2-3 days in the water and then re-plant them in a pot (or directly in your yard)

7. Water it regularly and watch it grow

Slowly and steadily with proper care & nurturing, these re-planted mint stalks continue to grow and give us a year long supply of mint leaves!

Happy indoor gardening during winter season!

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