Gardening – Seeding indoors

Those who are waiting for spring to start gardening, now would be a good time to start seeding indoors. In 2-4 weeks, the plants can be planted outdoors!

Started seeding indoors for the outdoor garden. March is usually a good time to start seeding indoors.

Recyclable containers like these are useful. Put some potting soil or seed starter pellets and sow your seeds.

In 2-4 weeks when they start sprouting, they would be ready to get planted outdoors.

What do you want to think about before starting to seed this season?

  1. When you are planting seeds in starter containers like these, draw out a plan for where and how you will sow these in the garden when they are ready to re-plant outdoors.
  2. Which ones would you be planting in pots?
  3. Which ones would you be planting in the yard directly?
  4. Which ones need full sun or partial shade?
  5. Where would you re-plant these (areas of the yard)
  6. How would it look?
  7. How much are you planning to harvest and for how long?
  8. Are you looking to sell these or grow for your own use?
  9. How are you looking to protect it from squirrels, deer, bugs, etc?

Have seeded a combination of tomatoes, beans, eggplant, root veggies, peppers and fruits! It should be ready for re-planting outdoors in a 2-4 weeks.

Tips to plan your yard

  1. Plan for a few spots in your yard, where there are bird feeders and/or water bowls!
  2. Plan for a flower bed nearby – that would bring the butterflies and pollinators to your yard.
  3. Group all the vines together in one area, it would help setting up an area for a pergola or a smaller size vine support mechanism.
  4. Group all leafy vegetables in one area, as the fog protection for these can be done together!
  5. Plan for walking trails to navigate through your yard!
  6. Plant your root vegetables together, you can have deep pots / deeper raised beds setup in one corner for root vegetables.

Hope to have a good harvest this year!

To all those planning to garden this season – Wish YOU good luck!

Interested in starting to garden?

Start with fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds or spinach seeds. They grow fast and your sense of satisfaction pushes you to try more 🙂

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

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