Growing poinsettia indoor plants

The beautiful poinsettia plants used during Christmas for decorating our homes, can continue to grow indoors.

There are many artificial plants that we use as table decorations during Christmas time, and poinsettia plants are always seen to be good as indoor decor.

14" Potted Red Poinsettia Plant with 5 Flowers, Artificial Potted Poinsettia

With beautiful red leaves, they look great!

Tried to get real plants this year and they looked beautiful. Started watering them little by little every day. Have not replanted them yet. They seem to be bearing new leaves already.

The old red leaves are withering off and new leaves are forming 🙂 Placing the old dry leaves in the same pot.

A tiny bit of care seems to go a long way & continues to keep our spirits up!

Looking to place it near a window in the east corner for morning sunrise.

Poinsettias bring success, positivity & good luck to the homes and are great as indoor decor!

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