Unique flower – Calypso

Sharing a few unique flowers from around the world!

This flower is Calypso bulbosa – also known as Fairy’s slipper!

Every stage of growth of this flower looks a shade different. The first few pictures of this flower are from one region and the last three are from a different one!

Native plant we love: fairy slipper | Evergreen

Search for the Calypso Orchid - Sean Fitzgerald Photography
calypso, **calypso bulbosa var. americana** #37 | Wonderful flowers,  Beautiful orchids, Unusual flowers
9 ide Calypso | anggrek, bunga, bunga eksotis
Calypso bulbosa (Calypso, Fairy Slipper): Go Orchids

A variation of this flower from a local region below…

File:Calypso bulbosa 5496.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Flowers of the World: Russia
Fairy Slipper, Calypso bulbosa

Interesting to see how the same flowers can change shape in different regions of the same country!

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