First week of the year

Does this look familiar?

All of us around the world are going through similar issues.

It helps to understand this and be kind and courteous while we are on calls, whether we are servicing others or wanting to get our requests handled in a timely manner.

Your coworkers might have reported back to work, but still dealing with personal and family health issues or remote schooling needs. Ask instead of assuming how their day is turning out to be.

Your classmates might have had a tough time during the holidays recovering on their health front. Be kind and understanding and do not assume that everyone has had a happy vacation.

A little courteousness, a little kindness, a bit of understanding and a bit of patience helps us wade through our days in an amicable manner.

Expect delays – as everyone is trying their best. Reset your expectations on the work front and with your family members, at work and across all relationships and interactions. It helps reduce your own anxiety and undue stress that comes with it.

Asking yourself this question helps – “Does this need to get done today?”

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