How can you get influenced?

Our thoughts, actions, views are all influenced by what we watch, hear, see and whom we interact with everyday. Can we be conscious about it to trigger the change that we want in our lives?

our triggers and actions

  • Watch political series / movies, mind will be tuned to desire for power and strategies around it!
  • Watch romantic series / movies, mind will be tuned to thoughts of how beautiful and easy life can be!
  • Watch investigative series / movies, mind will be tuned to connecting dots and solving problems!
  • Watch trading / stock market videos / listen to podcasts, mind will be tuned to figuring out how to maximize your wealth!
  • Watch advice from doctors / alternate therapies, mind will be tuned to figuring out ways to better your health!
  • Watch movies about soldiers / warfare, mind will be tuned to thinking about our own lives and sacrifices that we make, triggers patriotism!
  • Watch or listen to leaders speeches, mind will be tuned to dream and aspire to grow!
  • Watch or listen to farmers and their challenges, mind will be tuned to hard work and how to make the best use of the resources we have at our disposal!
  • Watch or listen to good teachers, mind will be tuned to become students again and learn!
  • Watching or reading articles about space, mind will be tuned to looking beyond our day to day challenges and aspiring more!
  • Watch or read about discoveries made by scientists, mind will be tuned to look for patterns around you that cannot be explained scientifically!
  • Watch or read books/poems of famous authors, mind will be tuned to think about possibilities!
  • Watch or listen to spiritual leaders, mind will be tuned to seeking good company!

What we watch, read, listen to and/or whom we engage with, have the power to influence our thoughts in many ways.

Now, look at it from a social media standpoint

  • What we search, our recommended videos will be around that, or connected to it!
  • Who we follow/are friends with online, their choices on all the above topics and what they search/like, we get to see it!
  • Our perception about common topics, get influenced by our social circles and their views on the same

Can we trigger a change?

  • Create or join a group where you want to encourage your thoughts!
  • Avoid using channels or exit out of groups that are not serving your purpose (currently or for some time). You can join back anytime when you want!
  • For online channels, delete your browsing history (or your most influential apps). Reinstall them when you no longer are under the influence of the apps/channels!

What guides our mind is our thoughts, which turn into words and actions and make our desires come true! Knowing how we can be influenced unconsciously by our own choices into a path that we are trying to avoid helps trigger a change!

To have a positive influence on someone’s life is a blessing! Our words and actions can trigger them!

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