Murals from around the world

Murals are street art, wall paintings prevalently known as a way to express feelings prevalent in the community. While they are huge in size, some of them are so creative that cities conduct art competitions to tap into the creativity of artists to make the city come alive!

Mural – Austin city

Mural of a Tropical rainforest

Amazed by the one below… the objects, details, texture, colors convey a beautiful story! What season is it? Who is walking, where, what has caught their attention etc, makes us wonder how the story will get completed in our minds!

Glasgow artists – Street graffiti

The one below won the best design mural few years back! Zoom out to see the face take shape amidst the splashes of color!

Mural from Buffalo, NY

The one below is so simple, yet profound! It makes anyone looking at the skyscrapers want to chase the clouds and dream 🙂

Chasing the white clouds

Chicago and Durham cities had a different view of the Magical touch theme 🙂

Mural – Chicago
Mural – Durham

Ramayana drawn on walls of Ayodhya

Righteousness always wins!

Mural at Sioux falls

Community expressions, story telling, political, religious, emotions, seasons, conservation – you name a theme, there would have been beautiful murals drawn around the world expressing the same!

The artist must impress not only the eye, but also inspire the soul!

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