Nimit – Observe the clues around you

Some call it superstition and some call it clues lying all around you. I wanted to see if this actually can occur and how much of it makes sense and is relevant. So, undertook a small research for a year to observe and learn!

Nimit (meaning – fixed, determined, measured) is the way our surroundings, environment and incidents happening in and around us, give us a clue of what next! Living in the moment and observing these clues can help us hold on during tough times! You may relate to some or all of it!


Toothfairies first come to mind 🙂 However, across cultures there is a concept in some form or other that Angels are looking out for us. While we call them Angels in the western culture, they can be called as Charanas or Thathastu devatas in the Indian culture. They give us clues to hold on to certain things and let go at certain times. They act as our guides and help us find our way back. Vivid visions of a pattern or overhearing someone talk about something that is relevant to us, typically trigger this thought process.

Guardian angel


The early morning dreams typically have a tendency to carry a specific message or something related to how we have been feeling and a clue or answer to resolve our personal situation. Trick is to not take the exact meaning of it, but look deeper into the context of the same. It would relate to the situation you are in life and give you a clue to what you are looking for…!

Patterns of numbers

Sometimes we tend to see patterns of numbers on our watches, wall clocks, oven timer, phone numbers etc. Like 11:11, 10:10, 7777, 578 – basically any number that you get to notice frequently etc. If you see the same numbers multiple times over a day or week, look for the meaning online and get a quick reassurance for whatever you are going through. The number patterns and messages seem to be relevant for most part, giving a quick boost of encouragement that you are specifically looking for!

Animals or birds – Spiritual symbols

In ancient scriptures like Ramayana, in a part where Sita devi sits under a Simsupa tree, there is a sequence where those around her look for patterns around them, the twitching the body, the birds chirping, and attribute the fact that she would hear a good news soon! Seeing a flock of birds or some birds in particular has a specific meaning! I have written earlier about my experiences with some of these and it does happen that the day you are going through a specific scenario, you get to see an affirmation of a particular type of bird! Eagles, woodpeckers, vultures, crows, sparrows, robins – each of them have a specific meaning and come into your environment and are visible when you are going through certain experiences in life!


Have observed astrologers use this Nimit to give them clues while answering a specific question posed by people. Some incident that happened earlier that day, some bird chirping in the background, some animal sounds on the phone, some background noise that catches one’s attention – any or all of these act as clues to help the astrologer zone in on the specific issue and context and figure out the next step.

So, in essence – I have seen that it works when one is observant, and for that one needs to be in the present (live in the moment types), without being pre-occupied, nature does give a lot of clues and hints to hold on, or warn us to let go, and guides on the next step.

Next time you are at crossroads, try to observe the clues around you!

The patterns we perceive are the stories we want to believe!

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