Polar vortex – severe weather

North east corridor is getting a lot of snow and some states have issued code blue asking residents to stay indoors, leaving place for emergency workers to do their jobs on the streets.

Polar vortex

Courtesy – USA Today

Read the detailed explanation on the impact of the Polar vortex on USA Today

State of New Jersey

New Jersey state has issued the state of emergency!

It is safe to be indoors!

Where are the roads, cars, houses..?

Schools closed today. Remote learning continuing tomorrow!

While this is beautiful to watch from indoors, ploughing the snow off the driveway and streets is going to be extremely difficult over the next few days! Forecast is that this would continue till end of week!

If you missed it the previous time, look out and try to do some of the snow day activities 🙂

Do make sure you are using power surge protectors to save your electronic devices and have your phones charged!

For many families, it is time for hot soups, hot chocolate, fireplace games, snow angels, board games and lots of snow removal over the rest of the week!

To those who NEED to travel outside, stay safe!

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