Protect your electrical appliances during a storm

All our homes are filled with electrical appliances and with the stormy weather, it helps to take some precautions to keep them safe.

During the storm last week, we experienced a power surge and then power cut. Most of my computers, television, laptops were connected to the wall outlets in a safe manner, except mine (of course..!). My computer crashed and I got to see the blue screen (hard disk failure) after ages! Immediately, we got to unplug the other devices to keep them safe. After a few hours, we tried to plug them back on and it seems like during the power surge, my hard disk got fried – unable to bring it back up.

What could have prevented it?

All I had to do was to connect the computers, television, laptops, phones, tablets, lights through a power surge protection strip and not connect them directly to the wall outlets. Using any of the strips like the ones below would help keep the appliances safe during a power surge/fluctuation and sudden power cuts.

Power surge protection strip – Type 1:

Power surge protection strip 1

The above white power strip needs to be connected to the wall outlet and multiple appliances / electrical equipment can be connected to the power slots above. The red switch can be switched on/off to start/switch off the power to the devices.

Power surge protection strip – Type 2:

Power strip – Type 2

The black power strip shown above additionally has slots to charge phones/tablets using an USB drive. There are 4 USB powering slots seen in the above picture.

Power surge protection strip – Type 3:

Power strip 3

The third power strip model has 6 outlets and 2 USB charging slots, and can be connected to the wall outlet itself (does not take additional space). Usually these are useful if we have a charging station at home and do not need a long extension chord to connect to devices that are far away. Look for surge protection tags on these outlets.

Multi-device charging wall outlet – Sample below

Multiple device charging wall outlet

This one has 3 charging outlets and can be directly connected to the wall outlets. This is not a power surge protection strip. There is no RED on/off switch nor does it say surge protector on it. This would not work to protect your devices during a power outage.

Most of these power surge protection strips cost anywhere between $10 – $30. Well worth the cost if you are looking to prevent issues and save your devices and the data stored in the devices.

On a side note, it is worth it to check if your data backups are working fine on your computers.

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