Psychology test – Are you worldly wise?

Psychology classes at school always bring about interesting conversations and make us introspect!

Read the below question and answer it truthfully

Think and answer

Imagine you are in New York city, walking near Times Square. Someone walks up behind you and puts a gun to your head, and tells you to walk quietly to the closest subway, else they will hurt you. What would you do?

Would you go or would you refuse to go?

Think about it, talk to your friends and family and see what they think!

Then scroll down to read the answer 🙂

Scenario 1: You go to the subway

It is easier for you to get shot and killed in the subway, as there are lesser number of people who would be able to come to you for help. The one who would be threatening has the upper hand in a subway station that is less crowded compared to New York city streets.

Scenario 2: You refuse to go

It is easier for you to get help on the streets of Times Square than in a less crowded subway station. You can shout for help and attract attention toward yourself on the streets. It is easier to corner the one who would be threatening to hurt you.

So, what is the right answer?

If you refuse to go – you have worldly wisdom and can protect yourself when in danger.
If you choose to go – you trust the other person (even the one who would potentially be harming you) and would be better off having worldly wise (or street-smart) folks around you.

What did you choose? Are you worldly wise or need a few around you to protect you 🙂 Share in the comments below.

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