Learning mindset

One of the key attributes that differentiates a person is their learning mindset,

Challenges and obstacles are common to every one around. How gracefully do we face them, figure out a way to overcome them without giving up and be willing and open to learn from the experiences, with a commitment to NOT repeat our mistakes, slowly and steadily creates a learning mindset.

When do we stop learning?

While we expect children to be open and learn what is taught in school, learn the ways of the world, learn to be street-smart, learn the tools-of-the-trade, the learning journey for most of us seems to stop when we step into our 30s.

For every one who works, learning work related skills seems to be critical and as long as they are done at periodic intervals (maybe once a year or two) and practicing what was learned at work seems to suffice. Well.. that is a good start.

Every day, in all the roles we play, we have a significant aspect of our daily lives that give us an opportunity to learn. As mothers, our learning journey never stops. Rather, as parents – the journey never ends. However, what do we do with what we have learnt? Do we try to consciously NOT repeat our mistakes or do we plan efficient ways to circumvent it when we need to go through similar situations again. There lies the difference.

Humble Mindset

Learning is a mindset. A mindset that keeps us humble as we realize that we may-not-know-it-all. We may not be experts in all facets of life. We need to be humble enough to ask and reach out for help. We cannot let one of the roles that we play in life get to our heads and stop learning in all other fronts of life.

Management / Leadership trait

There are social profile indicators (behavioral profiling instruments) that are used in the Corporate world. It tells us whether a person is more used to Asking or Telling while conversing with peers or team members. Asking comes with humility and Telling comes with pride of being the subject-matter-expert. While one wants to get to the point of being able to be a subject-matter-expert in their field of choice, it works well for those in the mid management levels. One of the leadership traits of a good leader, is being able to have the ability to Ask and seek the opinions from their teams.

Learning from experiences

We can learn from a variety of experiences from our lives & those around us. The critical success factor being able to use it appropriately when needed, in our lives, to face our challenges and resolve them amicably.

Age is a factor

As we grow older, we figure out a way to do all our activities in an efficient manner. Anything we do becomes a matter of routine. Our brain stops functioning in some areas when we only focus on efficiency. This has the potential to lead into other diseases like Alzheimer’s etc. Keeping our minds healthy is simple, but needs a long-term approach. Change your mindset to learn new things over a period of time. Do your day to day activities differently. Brush with your other hand, draw with your other hand, learn an instrument, learn a new skill. The point is to continue learning to keep our minds healthy.

Make a conscious effort and feel the difference!

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