Pumpkin carvings

This is the time of the year for pumpkin carvings..! This year though we are unable to host a carving party, felt it would be nice to see the nice carvings around and share them!

Usually a simple pumpkin carving like this one below would take about 2 hours easily (from start to finish).

A basic carving kit has about 6-7 types of carving knives and a scooper (to scoop the inside of the pumpkin). Some use the inside to make tasty dishes, others just throw it away! It costs about $10 – $15. The plastic ones that are around $5 have bad knife quality and handles are weak. So, we end up hurting our hands more while using them.

Home carvings will be like the above usually!

Food network, HGTV and other shows usually have Halloween wars and Pumpkin wars where the contest takes pumpkin carving and creativity to a different level! Sharing some of my favorites from these shows over years!

This one below must be a beginner level course for the Pumpkin carvers, to practice their knife and carving skills 🙂

Image courtesy – HGTV

This one below is interesting. Look at the different faces and the details of the expressions carved from the pumpkins.. the hard orange shells are cut and the expressions are carved from the yellow or white inside soft layers..! Wow..! Every individual face is clear and showcases a different expression for every facial feature.. needs a lot of expertise for this level of varied detail!

Pumpkin carving by Gabe Vinas

Food network – Winning with Fear contest winner below! Scary to even look at it… !!

Image courtesy – Food Network

This one below from Halloween wars makes me want to puke! The goo from the gut seems so real..!!!

Image courtesy – Halloween wars

Although I know that it is hand crafted and carved and colored, this one sends a cold shiver down my spine! The attention to detail in the eye is amazing..!!!

Then, I came across Maniac pumpkin carvers website – What a work of art..!!! Amazing..!!! Check this one out for beautiful carvings that are works of art in themselves…! Abraham Lincoln on a pumpkin was my best in this one…! https://www.maniacpumpkincarvers.com/works-of-art

Seeing these makes me realize – whatever be the media, artists have a way of expressing themselves beautifully through their works of art..!

These were some of my favorite, scary and spooky pumpkin carvings during Halloween! Do share your favorites on Learning Thursdays – Facebook page

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