Seems to be the time for something new

There is a sense of something new, something different in the air. It feels like it is time to relook at the old stuff and evaluate the possibility for new beginnings!

New courses, new projects, new initiatives, new clothes, new accessories, new friends, new relationships, new new new.. many conversations with friends and colleagues seem to be hinting something new in the air! It may seem like the perfect time for new projects!

All the new stuff being discussed today across family & friends!

Forming new friendships – especially those who share similar interests, passion or hobbies

Evaluating whether the current circle or network is serving its purpose, if not time to trigger a change

Evaluating need for a new wardrobe and trying to create pockets of funds to accommodate the same

Some are focusing on donating the old and making way for the new!

Starting to work on new products or setting up new processes at work!

Discussions about new recipes and cuisines that we have never tried yet!

New hairstyle, haircut or hair color seems to be getting discussed a lot as well!

Some are evaluating the need to switch jobs and potential new opportunities

Many are evaluating how good their products are and if there is a need to trigger a change

Some have also purchased new vehicles as well..!

New seeds, plants or planting new trees in the gardening world!

Beautiful fresh flowers, fresh harvests of fruits and vegetables!

Some are beginning their spiritual journeys….!

Triggering a change in any facet of life is hard, yet interesting! There is a sense of joy and apprehension and a sense of adventure when one sets out to redefine their choices and goals! If any of you or your friends are going through it, lend a listening ear, it would be refreshing to them and you!

Change is the way of life, and every so often we end up finding a need to trigger a change! This seems to be one of those times!

To all those who are taking a fresh perspective at any facet of life – wish you good luck! If you are willing to share, do leave a comment below!

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