Weekend shares

When I asked friends and colleagues how the new year has been so far, this is what they had to say…

Some phone conversations, some laughs, some tears were all part of it, however the below pictures seem to capture the feelings of many!

This one turned out to be a jolt from a friend, and a conversation starter with many others… 🙂

So true…! Some have hit rock bottom and some are on their way there! Be mindful while conversing with others – as none of us know their journeys!

Feels like we are constantly tumbling down 🙂

A friend shared the above reflecting how she felt – made me realize that just because someone is smiling does not mean they are fine!

What..? Where…? Are you kidding…? Is it really happening…?

Debate amongst whatsapp group members – whether to switch from whatsapp to other channels or stay!

Guess everyone is stressed in some way or the other!!!

So, to all the friends out there – wish you all a restful and happy weekend!

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