Snack recipes – #9 Carrot Halwa

Also known as Gajar ka halwa!

Got an opportunity to make Carrot Halwa twice today… first time early in the morning for a school project and later today for a birthday!


1 stick salted butter
4 big carrots finely grated
250 ml hot milk
1/4 cup cashew nuts
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp Cardamom powder


Heat the butter on low flame in a deep pan

Add cashew nuts, raisins till they are golden brown

Add the finely grated carrots and cook it on medium flame. Mix and wait till the water in the carrots evaporate (should take about 5-7 mins)

Add the hot milk to the mixture in the pan with the cardamom powder. It will look like a gravy dish. Let it soak and cook.

Milk slowly comes to a boil and starts condensing.. (takes about 10-15 mins)

Keep mixing till the gravy thickens.. to a point that it feels there is no more milk left with the carrots

Then, add the granulated sugar and mix it for a few minutes and switch off the stove.

Carrot halwa is ready to serve.


Instead of cashew nuts, try sliced almonds

At the end add another cup of milk and serve it as a gravy sweet dish – tastes yummy

Saute the nuts and raisins separately and add it to the halwa at the end (nuts will remain crispy in the dish)

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