Stormy day

For those who are living in the Northeast corridor, yesterday night must have been a tough one to cross!

A tornado, flash flooding, power cuts, houses that blew up due to gas leakage, seismic activity.. last night was a tough one.. left many of us hoping and praying for the fury to have ended!

Many friends and families were stranded on the road, with helpful people offering them a place to stay overnight! Some made it to get some help and other parents chose to stay put in their cars and sleep through it! Some left their cars on the roads and ventured to walk away from the flooding zone.

While Mayors in local cities declare local emergency, we all realize that it takes a LOT to get us back to normal.

A part of our roof started leaking, and the fallen trees and branches in the nearby roads welcomed us in the morning!

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This was our mindset by morning!

First responders and local community folks who took turns to check the road conditions started sharing pictures.

These are the moments when the community starts coming together to support each other!

Slowly and steadily, we hope and work towards getting back on our feet!

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Thanks to everyone who has been praying, offering kind words of support and calling in / checking on friends and families!

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