Act of kindness

I was on the receiving end yesterday. And, it felt strange, powerful and warm!

Have been having body aches for the past few days, but just like any other parent took some rest and got out of bed with sheer will-power and moved about doing my daily chores.

Yesterday, had to step out to file taxes for a non-profit and run a few errands.

It was a cold day, and I layered up, with a jacket, scarf and a mask. However, a short 3 min-walk had me panting and when I reached the tax consultant’s office, they asked me to take a seat, offered me water and asked me to rest for a while before initiating the process.

I did not realize I was breathing so heavily, and apparently the sounds and facial expressions had a way to communicate what I was trying to suppress.

Finished my work over there, and went to get some groceries. Could not open the door, and the grocery shop employee came and opened the door. In my head I was strong and confident and going about my chores, whereas one look at me and he offered to push my cart and helped me take out the groceries from the shelves. He suggested that I can order any food and that they would deliver.

The employee at the counter was very kind as well. She asked me not to lift any groceries out of the cart and put it on the stand and that she would do it for me. I was panting and yet thanked her for her kindness.

It did feel strange, warm and I was filled with gratitude. They opened the door for me and I pushed the cart outside.

Then went to the gas station and then to pick up kids. Employees and parents were checking on me and asking if I was doing fine and if I needed any help. My mind was recording these but did not understand why everyone was checking on me and helping me out.

I blanked out in the car, sat for a few minutes and thought things through , said a prayer and drove back home.

In just a few hours, I was running a 102 fever. Today, went to the urgent care and got ,myself checked and treated.

While I am filled with gratitude for all those who could see me in pain yesterday and went out of their way to help me out, it was least expected.

The tax consultants,, grocery store employees, gas station employees, parents who had come to pick up their kids – received so much of warmth from everyone!

A Big heartfelt thank you to all of you who helped me yesterday, and shared kind words to help me feel better!

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