The power of simple solutions

Big problems can be solved with simple solutions.

While big challenges can have innovative and complex larger than life solutions, that needs money and funding – pretty much 99% of the time. The problem and its solution has to be owned by some entity that funds the solution that works.

It is equally true that every problem has a simpler solution that can potentially begin with the individual triggering a small and tiny change towards a better outcome. Our ability or inability to see this, differentiates our needs and approach to life.

In a Netflix show called “New Amsterdam”, they explain this example in a beautiful manner!

There is a patient who had recently undergone surgery at the hospital and was recovering at home. She falls down in her home and is unable to get up. She lives alone and is unable to get anyone to notice her absence. Next day, when a delivery guy wrongly knocks on her door, she gets to ask him for help and ends up again in the emergency room.

Now, the Medical Director tries to figure out a post-operative care process for patients to avoid these complications, and the nursing system and help provided on a large scale will cost money. The show goes on to explain both sides of the issue.

Towards the end of the show, when a new veteran hired by the Director speaks up about the convoluted process, the Medical Director asks him to come up with a solution that would be easy, affordable and approved by all parties involved.

The Veteran thinks for a minute and suggests that the lady could adopt a dog (for free) and pay $20 for a dog walker, who would come to check on the dog and in the process – someone would be checking in on her. If she needed help, the dog walker could reach out for help.

We all come up with simple solutions to solve our day to day problems and challenges, if left to ourselves. When others look to solve our problems for us, the scale increases, and with it increases the funding and financial support needed to develop, implement and sustain larger solutions.

Not every problem needs a complex solution!

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