Toothpick art

Yes… artists can create masterpieces with toothpicks too!

Amazing toothpick art… kudos to all those who created these art pieces!

How many hours would someone have spent to create this? WOW!

Designing it on paper is hard enough, making it with toothpicks is admirable!

100,000 toothpicks..


From a toothpick art exhibition!

Ships seem to be a common tough theme to make with toothpicks! Curves on the sails are hard to make with toothpicks!

Is it a conch?

What a beautiful nest 🙂

Amorphous structures with toothpicks

Wonderful Townhomes with toothpicks!

Is that an island..?

WOW… this requires an artistic mind and lots of patience!

To an artist, the medium does not matter, they can convert any medium into an inspirational art piece!

Creativity is nothing but a mind set free!

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