Two year milestone

What started as a long term pending interest to write, has slowly become a habit now!

Having worked in a Corporate environment for over two decades, I wanted to read more, learn more, explore more and share what I have learned with my children, family and friends. There is more to life than just work and more work. Passion is not necessarily exhibited only on the work front. I started reading more and slowly and steadily, the topics became diverse and I figured a way to string all my interests into something I continue to be passionate about.

Rekindling your passion after experiencing fatigue is hard. Writing gave me a channel to help me through the same.

Now when I look back, I realize this is something that keeps me going. Something to hold on to, something that keeps me grounded!

And I realize I have changed over the past few years!

Happy Second Anniversary! And more thoughts… | followmyfoodtrail

Thank you to all the readers who continue to inspire me from around the world!

6 thoughts on “Two year milestone

  1. Many congratulations! Pls keep it up. Looking forward to more amazing, inspirational and insightful posts in the future.

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