30 countries – Blog Milestone

Today is a big milestone for the Learning Thursdays blog 🙂

People from 30 different countries are reading articles on Learning Thursdays 🙂 Feels nice and meaningful. Feels like I am able to share my learning on multiple aspects of life and that is helping or inspiring people in different ways. Thank YOU to every single person who has ever visited the blog, read articles, tried out quizzes, got inspired and tried something new, waded through COVID, tried alternate therapies, enjoying gardening / foodscaping, inspired by the technology and innovation around the world… to ALL of you… THANK YOU very much 🙂 You inspire me to continue 🙂

Thanks to all the bloggers from whom I continue to learn (keep the tips coming) and those who have shared wonderful tips on their blogs 🙂

To those who are looking for tips to expand their coverage: Sharing what I have realized thus far 🙂

  1. Have a purpose to why you are writing a blog. Write it down somewhere and keep it.. as some days when you feel low and question yourself, that purpose will make you continue 🙂
  2. Select topics about what you know and what you feel
  3. Give your blog and appropriate title
  4. Tags are important, as they connect you with people who have similar interests (I learned this last week from PoojaG and trying to do better – hopefully)
  5. Select the right categories
  6. Depending on the content of your blog, share your links with friends or any other social media (I have not done a good job of this yet.. was not sure whether I should or not.. that dilemma goes on for a long time.. :)) time to get over it!

So far that is all I have done… more tips as I gain more subscribers… 🙂

Again, THANK YOU 🙂

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