Eating a full chocolate bar

This has been on my bucket list for a very long time! Got to do it today 🙂

When was the last time you ticked off an item from your bucket list? I got the opportunity to do tick off one of my bucket list items today! Eating a full bar of chocolate!

Whenever anyone gifted me a chocolate bar, I used to take a small bite of one of the blocks and eat it, share it with my brothers and family and save the rest! If I eat it fully, the chocolate would get over and if I save it and relish it slowly, a little bit everyday, it can last longer and make me feel happier for a longer period of time! That has always been my thought to save 🙂 While this attitude was helping me create a mindset to save (that was the good part :)), eating a full bar of chocolate at least once in my life got added to my bucket list!

New study finds steep rise in sugar levels in UK chocolate bars

And, today I ended up eating the Ghiradelli Hazelnut heaven bar chocolate fully at one go! Saved the last piece for the picture 🙂 Satisfying feeling to eat one and to tick off an item from my bucket list!

When life gives an opportunity to tick off an item off your bucket list, go for it!!!

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