Understanding what we chant

All of us have prayers in our own religions and cultures. Being able to understand them and recite makes a difference!

Rudram is a powerful hymn chanted to propitiate Shiva in the form of Rudra.

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Translation of one verse from Rudram that inspired me to learn & understand more!

Oh Rudra, God of the world,
Never give trouble to our elders.
Never give trouble to our children,
Never give trouble to our lads,
Never give trouble to our children in the womb,
Never give trouble to our fathers,
Never give trouble to our mothers,
And never give trouble to our body, which is dear to us.

Consciousness and Energy of Shiva and Shakti — Marni Sclaroff

Humbled by the verses and the meaning in them, I realize the power of chanting!

When good words told to a dying tree has a positive effect in bringing it back to life, the power of our words, what we say, what we think, what we chant, has a HUGE impact on our mindset, on our well being and environment!

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