Unique Architecture

Skyscrapers inspire me. Am amazed by the complexity of the design and architecture that goes into building them. Got to see a few buildings that were designed to be crumbling in nature.

Some amazing crumbling buildings – would be great to meet the ones who architected and built them!

1. crumbling house

WOW.. It was actually architected and designed to look like this!

Picture courtesy – Google

2. french fries top..?

Would be interesting to see a view of how the space in individual strips have been utilized indoors.

Picture courtesy – Google

3. house in clouds view

Picture courtesy – Google

Just the perfect picture on a perfect sunny day gives this building the effect of a crumbling skyscraper in the clouds!

4. crumbling building

Looks like a building hit by a natural disaster! However, this has been architected this way!

Picture courtesy – Google

5. another crumbling building

Looks like some alien huge object has made a dent on the building. WOW!

6. Upside down house

7. jenga buildings

Like piling up containers or wooden blocks, or Jenga pieces, this structure seems to have incorporated these principles in design!

While every country seems to have its unique architecture, there seems to be some common themes across generations. Looking to learn more about some of the cultures through their art and buildings.

Architects make leaving-a-legacy seem easy!

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