Who listens to you?

Do you have someone who listens to you?

Whether we are a student, working professional, housewife or a grandparent, we all have something to express, something to share, something to laugh about. We tend to look to share it with someone who we interact with – frequently or otherwise.

Be they family or a group of friends, we all do have obligations to listen to the other person’s share of perspectives and opinions that they hold close. Some of us are good at it and others learn through life!

While we all have something to share, do we always have someone who is willing and available to listen to what we would like to share. As we grow, the range of topics that we would like to share or discuss also widens and those who are interested in similar areas reduces over a period of time.

Unless we have something common, we do not feel comfortable to share some of our thoughts and feelings.

When we have something to share and want someone to listen, we understand this concept very easily and realize how hard it is to find someone who is always available to listen. It is impossible for us to realize how often our children want our attention to be heard and share their innermost thoughts, perspectives (especially while they are forming), realizations and heart break (when they are occuring).

We can remember and relate to every part of how we felt and the difficulties we faced, and we might still be needing someone to share our point of views with. While we are in our search, spend some time with those around you to just purely, simply listen. No judgements, no advice, no hard feelings, just pure and simple – be a listener!

Overwhelmingly enough, when we go out of our way and listen to someone else, we get someone who would listen to us in the process (even without realizing).

There are always a million things to be shared, spoken to and discussed. If you have found someone who you can share these with, consider yourself blessed and hold them close. Do spend some time reflecting whether you listen to them as well, or is it usually a one-way conversation!

The next time you listen to someone, see how they break into a smile.. one of relief and satisfaction, of just being heard. It is immensely gratifying.

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