Calming effect in a local park

In our busy schedules, it takes just a few minutes to look around and enjoy nature. Quiet moments on those busy days have a profound effect!

With a suite of birthday parties and farewell parties scheduled right after the school year, it tends to get busy. One of the parties was at a local park. It was a pleasant surprise to watch geese and baby turtles in the nearby river.

Just walking in the grass felt great ๐Ÿ™‚

Clicking a picture of this Dragonfly near the pond was an interesting experience in itself!

Somehow, water has a calming effect (especially on busy days). We just stood there watching the ripples in the water!

The black baby turtle in a pond was beautiful (below)!

Black baby turtle in the pond

Black fish swimming in a clear pond (how did the water become clean in this place alone?)

Sometimes we can find our Zen Zones amidst our day to day activities, if we just stop by to look around us! Today was one such day, glad that we did!

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