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After spending a day at the urgent care, we were returning back home.

Everyone was quiet in the car and it was a bit tense. Very little words were being exchanged. It had been a tiring day for everyone.

We went to the pharmacy and picked up the medicines and somehow felt like stopping by to get some ice cream… just to cheer us up! It was a windy and cold day and no one was there at the shop.

There was a college student who was manning the counter and welcomed us with a huge bright smile, “”Welcome! How was your day?” He continued smiling and locked eyes with my husband waiting to hear a response.

When someone smiles widely at you and asks you how your day has been, no matter what has transpired earlier, you end up reciprocating with a smile. He continued smiling and my husband who had had a very rough day also smiled back saying “It has been a wonderful day!”

The customer rep (college student) did not stop smiling and continued to ask “What made your day so wonderful?”, and started a brief conversation at the counter. They exchanged pleasantries and discussed about the weather and my husband ended up recounting all the wonderful moments that occurred during the day, lifting his spirits!

We gave him an extra tip, thanked him for his service and left.

A small and simple encounter on a rough day, can make a huge difference in our attitude. He came outside the ice cream shop humming a tune (he went inside all stressed out).

Although the job is to serve ice cream to the customers and collect payments for the items purchased, a good attitude goes a long way not just for the business and repeat customers, but to cheer up the days of those who end up visiting the place.

I know we will return there pretty often 🙂

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