Difference between bragging and sharing

There is a delicate line between bragging and sharing. Some of us are good at it and some of us struggle to differentiate. Sharing some tips from our local community music teacher that impressed me!

How many of us know how and when to differentiate between the two? It is a tough line to cross. I find it difficult myself to know the difference sometimes and err on the side of caution to share. It is easier to see someone else make the mistake, however very hard to evaluate oneself objectively!

Our local community music teacher filled that gap while addressing her students today. What she said will remain etched in my mind forever! She said “In the music world there is a saying. Never Brag, but when asked, never shy away from sharing your skills and accomplishments”

Typically, our resumes, college/job applications and interviews are the times when people ask us to share our skills and accomplishments. Understand your audience and why they are asking the question and answer to what would make sense to them. One might feel they are modest and not share their accomplishments openly. However, when asked – they are expected to share – else, it would hurt long term relationships.

What to share and what not to share is a tough line to cross. When applying for college – they want to know YOU. Share information about yourself the way you see yourself. That makes a big difference. When applying for a job (say technical job), you do not need to share your interests about astronomy or star gazing or collecting coins hobbies – as it does not add any relevance and confuses the one who has asked the question.

If you are applying for a job, share what is relevant! Ensure your resume showcases your skills and accomplishments as relevant to the job. You do not need to change or fake your resume – just filter only the relevant aspects that make sense and share the toned down version when applying for a job!

What the music teacher shared with her students was so precious, that I had to write about it and remember to adopt it in my life and the blog 🙂

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