53-word story contest – Have you tried?

I saw the 53-word story contest in October and was impressed by the theme. Is it possible to write a story in 53 words…? Do you want to participate?

By Prime Magazine

Quoting Prime Magazine contest webpage (https://www.press53.com/53word-story-contest)

This month at Press 53 we are feeling grateful: we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary in October; we created our very first 500-piece limited-edition jigsaw puzzle to celebrate; we launched our largest issue ever of Prime Number Magazine and hosted our first online reading with contributors. So we must say to everyone, Thank you!

Hearty congratulations to Prime Magazine authors, editors, contest participants. I thought for a minute about how wonderful it would be to read the beautiful articles and a diverse set of perspectives one word can trigger in each of our minds. It made me marvel at the potential possibilities of the human brain and the power of languages!

Some of my friends and colleagues tried to write on the October topic (kind of like a mini contest amongst ourselves) – am not sure how many of us actually dared to compete and shared it on the Prime magazine website (Yes.. there is an aspect to conquer our fears!).

We voted the below entry to be the best 🙂

Startup world issues

What is the possibility that an idea brewing in my mind right now, might be brewing in someone else’s mind across the globe as well, and yet another might be pitching it for funding, while someone else might be implementing it in another part of the world! Happens all the time across startups!

The Prime Magazine winning entry (https://www.press53.com/53word-story-contest)

Bougainville Tsukimi, 1944

Balanced cross-legged at the intersection of adze-shaped ridges between makeshift rice paddies, the last three soldiers raise coconut cups with reed-thin arms—“Kanpai!”—then slurp the dregs of rice and taro, fermented quickly, with neither hope nor filtration.  Canisters of industrially brewed diesel and palm oil explode around them, outshining the full moon.

Wow 🙂 Every phrase is filled with hidden context and meaning… so beautifully written! Hats off the judges!!!

Those who are interested in writing and contesting for the November prompt – would be interesting to try!! November prompt is – thanks (https://www.press53.com/53word-story-contest). The link has the details of how to submit your entries over email.

If you liked the content, do share with your friends who would be interested to participate.

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