This is one trait we all seem to be needing now.

What is resilience?

The term β€œresilience” is everywhere. But what does it really mean? | Ensia

How can we practice resilience consciously amidst tough times?

Our ability to find humor and irony in situations that would otherwise overpower us, helps us build resilience!

What can we do today?

Laughter is the best medicine. Find a situation around you that can make you laugh!

Sharing a recent personal experience!

Recently I injured my shoulder and my family is helping me cook, clean, garden etc. Life gets hard sometimes – especially when I want to scratch my back or knot my hair…! It is overwhelming sometimes. I look at stuff happening around me, and keep laughing thinking about the possibilities..! I try to inspire myself with art get to smile again!

One day, I step into my kitchen and look around. I can no longer recognize any of the pots and pans – burnt! Poor guys they have been trying their best to cook.. but I need my shoulder to get better before I can scrub them back to give them a new life! Pressure cookers – forget it.. I need to buy new ones! The whistles and casket are gone! One even has a hole in the place.. making it impossible to call it a pressure cooker anymore! They are genuinely trying their best… I know πŸ™‚ so, we sit together and laugh it out!

Another day, we need to go for our vaccinations – and no one remembered to wash the masks from the previous day πŸ™‚ Quick training on running small loads in the washer and quick dry, makes it just in time for us to reach the center!!! Yeah… moms usually get things in place much before we ask.. so, when we are down… yeah.. we need to train them better πŸ™‚

I get a slice of toast in the evening and ask if I can have coffee with it…. sorry… dishwasher is running so coffee two hours later.. πŸ™‚

Family puts a beautiful food chart to plan for the food during the week that makes it easier for them to prepare and continue with rest of activities! Oh.. someone forgot to tell someone else to go and buy the groceries πŸ™‚

Just pulling it together sometimes get hard.. yet we laugh it out…! Yeah.. moments like these make us laugh through the pain!

So, I get a fever, body pains and nausea – imagine the possibilities that could have gotten discussed before I got a cup of warm water / tea πŸ™‚

Seeing the irony and humor in situations makes things easier to deal with, and helps build resilience!

Whatever hard situations you are facing today, take a few minutes to look around you and find something ironical or funny to laugh about! It lightens your mood, calms you down and makes it easier to continue moving forward!

Stay safe!

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