Japanese mini-series

Impressed by the simplicity of one of the Japanese mini-series – Stay Tuned!

Honako Yukimaru in Stay Tuned (Japanese mini-series) on Netflix – is a must watch. Just 5 episodes, meaningful storyline!

Larger Corporates usually recruit the cream of the crowd. However, in an experiment to recruit dummies, one additional fresher gets recruited. She is Yukimaru, who does not fit the norm, has a mind of her own and more of a free-spirit.

Her inability to do tasks assigned to her with diligence, garners her much needed support from the team around her, to help the company succeed! Everyone around her ends up exhibiting their hidden potential in times of a crisis to avoid her mistakes getting into limelight.

While every one else is serious and tries to focus on their job at hand, she focuses on the people whom she is expected to meet and converses normally (natural instincts) with them, making everyone around her remember her name. She becomes the super-star of the team!

Even a simple task of visiting a grocery store, is seen differently by the team who see it as a job and for her, as she eagerly looks forward to buy / eat the food that is best in that place.

The Fangirls' Japanese Drama Review: Stay Tuned! | Dramas with a Side of  Kimchi
Stay Tuned – Netflix show (5 episode Mini-series)

I could not help compare it to Corporate life.

The fights between Corporate & Sales units, production teams & their reviews, competitor analysis, organization structure that helps the bottom line, realigning business units to be more purpose driven, are all relatable facts to anyone who has worked in a large organization!

When a team is formed with diverse profiles, nationality, race, age group, technology, skills and abilities etc., the way the team thinks is very different from the norm. It does not take a long time to visibly see the productivity increase exponentially.

If there are group of similar minded folks, just having one person in the team who does not fit the norm can make all the difference!

Every organization has someone who monitors the changes being seeded into the teams, measuring revised productivity levels and reshuffling the teams.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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