Managing your weight

When the scale moves slowly from overweight to obese and keeps fluctuating over there, going back and forth, one day in overweight and another in obese, one starts questioning their basic choices. Everything gets under scrutiny.

While visiting the physician and being evaluated for potential health issues, for some it comes down to changing the basic routine in life.

When I struggled back and forth, a few life choices made it easier for me to realize when and what needed change. Sharing some of the tips that helped me get back on track. While I may be slipping back, time to take control and regain my priorities… and hence, the article.

  1. You may be at that juncture in life where there are too many other priorities to focus on, just to keep the wheels running, and invariably ending up down-prioritizing personal health.
  2. Instead of 3 full meals on-time, snacking at periodic intervals, and life between cups of coffee tends to be normal.
  3. Sleep might be overrated, and that feeling that sleep timings need not always be maintained by self kicks in….obviously, there are other priorities far more important than a good night’s sleep.
  4. Unwinding on the couch becomes a necessity before winding up for the day, as the days are quite stressful and without watching a few shows and binge eating subconsciously, cannot get to sleep.
  5. Commitment to reduce weight is definitely there, however – just this bag of chips, or sweets, or cakes, or desserts or friends sharing your favorite dishes, or eating lunch at a restaurant with a friend all seem to happen frequently

It might sound funny to some, but it is a very practical way of life for many who go through it.

Starting an exercise regime is hard. However, once you start – you need to keep it up for life. Else, the weight you lose when you exercise, you gain double that back when you stop. It is called the Yo-Yo effect. When my physician told me this – I was shocked. Made me wonder what is the point in exercising at all 🙂

Hard as it may sound, simple steps work to bring the weight down from obese to overweight. One more notch down can be the next goal.

  1. Start thinking about losing your weight only if you are serious about it and can continue your efforts for a longer period of time. Simple, small changes to your daily routines help, however they need to be sustained for a long period of time.
  2. A body in motion remains in motion. Remember that. Write that on a wall to remind yourself. The next time you want to sit on a couch and watch something, think about walking or cycling while watching the show.
  3. Stop buying snacks when you go to groceries. Take the pain to make a snack at home. 9 of 10 times, given your busy schedule, you will skip making it, and end up reducing snack intake.
  4. Try not to mix and match cuisines on the same day or frequently. Morning bagels, afternoon Mexican, snacking on desserts and pasta for dinner – these might work in your teens at best… beyond that it does take a toll on your health.
  5. Portion control is key. During every meal, try to fill all you can eat in one plate, do not go for a second helping. However big the pile of food on your plate, when we do not go for a second helping, the quantity of what we consume starts going down. Then, it is becomes easier to stick to timely meals.
  6. Eat food at the dining table, not on the couch watching TV or on a conference call. Focusing on what we eat, helps us chew the food properly and eat. Dinner table conversations help families bond much better.
  7. Buddy up to exercise. Routine walking, exercising and a rhythm helps. Partnering with someone to maintain your schedule and see how much each of you lose, helps.

So, if you are trying to lose weight, you are not alone. Find someone to join the journey.

Image by Total Shape from Pixabay

Remember, it is not impossible it just takes time, patience and lots of conscious choices along the way!

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