One family picture a month

Is it too much to plan for?

With families spread across different places, sometimes it does become difficult to take a family picture frequently. However, memories are made with every single picture we take.

At home, all of us commit to take one good family picture every month.

Is it too much to ask? or plan for…?

When children are young, it is easier to get them ready and take a picture. Ensuring we are there in it is the tough one, however as children grow into adults, it gets harder to get everyone together for even one good picture.

Everyone looks different and not always their best (or what they feel is their best :)). Personal preferences start mattering more than the fun of doing something jointly.

So, one family picture every month does not seem like a bad deal, everyone prepares themselves for it and we look forward to the day and the event!

Now, let us see how long this lasts 🙂

It is forcing us to look at ourselves consciously and think if we want to look this way in the pictures and trigger a change. Be it our hairstyle, new hair cut, face and looks, dressing style, footwear (or lack thereof) etc.

Do share how often you take family pictures? Every week or month or are they event driven?

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