Feeling tired all the time?

One can feel tired for a short duration, but if that becomes your operating-norm, then you might want to check your health!

General thumb rule to remember

If your tiredness lasts more than a two weeks, you might want to consult a doctor.

Tiredness turning into Fatigue

If you are feeling overtired, low energy levels and want to sleep for most of the day, not able to perform your daily routine activities – then, realize that you are fatigued.

Common causes of tiredness

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Too much of stress in some or all facets of life
  3. Too much of coffee
  4. Skipping meals
  5. Poor or unbalanced diet
  6. Sedentary lifestyle (sitting & working at your desk would also qualify)
  7. Very less water intake
  8. Alcohol
  9. Lack of exercise
  10. Blood sugar imbalance

These are common causes that can be resolved by realizing & committing to trigger a change. Following the revised routine for a few days helps bounce back to your-normal-zone.

underlying medical causes

When the tiredness & low energy levels continue for over two weeks, consulting a doctor helps, as there may be an underlying cause that might trigger the same.

Be it Thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome or others. Most of them relate to our mind & body operating under stress for a prolonged duration with lack of proper food & nutritious diet.

Simple tips to get your health back on track

  1. Eat dinner early and go to bed early
  2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Drink water and fluids regularly
  4. Empty your bowels regularly
  5. Brisk walk / exercise everyday at least for 15-30 minutes
  6. Step away from your desk & get some fresh air everyday (breathing exercises are an added bonus)
  7. Ensure you eat breakfast everyday
  8. Laugh out aloud

Cultivating good daily habits can help in speedy recovery!

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  1. Oh yeah, we tend to ignore our sleep, diet, and exercise, and taking care of those three things can do wonders by themselves. Great tips shared here too. Thanks for this post!

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