Health tips for fall

While we enjoy the beauty of fall, ensuring we regulate our diet to the seasonal changes is necessary & critical to stay healthy.

Sharing a few tips that help!

  1. Vitamin D – Check your Vitamin D levels and ensure you supplement as necessary. Supplements can be either in the form of diet (salmon, egg yolks, meat or fortified foods like Vitamin D fortified orange juice, cereal etc). It can also be Vitamin D drops or tablets, whichever your body is used to.
  2. Vitamin C – While oranges, tomatoes help build immunity, they also help in absorbing Vitamin D in our body. So, while we try to prevent a cough/cold, it helps us stay energetic and fresh as well.
  3. Pineapple – 1 small cup of cubed pineapples 2-3 times a week, or when you sense the onset of cold/sore throat helps.
  4. Pumpkins – Plenty available during this season. Try making a one pumpkin dish every week. In 10-12 weeks, you would have learned a few new recipes and maintained Vitamin A and C levels in your body.
  5. Water – Remember to keep yourself hydrated. As we switch from air-conditioning to central heating, body starts losing water easily. Keeping ourselves hydrated helps!
  6. Cranberries – These help prevent infections. Be it as cranberry sauce, or dried cranberries in salads, or adding them in baking recipes, helps us fight internal infections and remain healthy.
  7. Moisturize – As the cold weather sets in, body starts becoming dry. Dry skin, rashes, breakouts are common. For some who have baths regularly, not moisturizing well may lead to eczema breakouts. Moisturize constantly. Try a light moisturizer and increase the thickness depending on your skin condition. Consult a dermatologist as needed (if your skin is sensitive).

Most importantly, we have the tendency to stay indoors this season. We would not want to step out unless prompted. Many cultures have festivals forcing us to step out this season. Make sure you have a circle of friends to connect during this season.

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