Peanut brittles (chikki)

One of our favorites at home! Simple recipes, fun to make and tasty to eat!


2 cups of peanuts

Jaggery 2 large chunks (for powdered jaggery – 2/3rd cup)

Saucepan / wok

Optional: Vanilla essence (1 tsp)


Lightly roast the peanuts in a saucepan/wok and set it aside

In the saucepan/wok, place the chunks of jaggery and let it melt

If you want to add vanilla essence, add it while the jaggery is melting

Add the roasted peanuts into the melted jaggery. It will start thickening.

Set it to shape.


Set it as animal shapes, irregular shaped brittles, small round balls, thin squares or as a Croquembouche!

My mother made this for her grandchildren 🙂

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