Quiz 42 – Names of New year

New year celebrations are tied to spring in India. People speaking different languages seem to call the turn of new year by different names. How many can you name correctly?

Typically the new year celebrations are tied to the onset of Spring, when Sun moves from Pisces to Aries (in essence, completing one cycle across the 12 zodiac signs). Some cultures look for the date when the Sun changes zodiac signs, some base it on the moon cycle during the month – the first day after the new moon (when Sun and Moon are together in Pisces).

Some years, the Sun movement and Moon movement fall on the same day, sometimes a few days apart (13/14/15th of March / April), and sometimes they fall 15 days apart (when the moon completes its cycle earlier).

Cultures that follow the lunar system are the ones who celebrate Ugadi, Bihu, Pratipada, Navreh, Cheiroaba, Navaratra and Cheti Chand. Usually, the festival dates happen to be in March or April (based on the new moon cycle). Need to check the Almanac (known as Panchang) for the exact dates.

Cultures that follow the solar system are the ones who celebrate Vaisakhi, Poila Baisakh, Vishu, Puthandu, Bishuva Sankranthi, Bihu. Usually, the festival dates lie around 13/14/15th of April.

Some parts of North east celebrate Bihu by the lunar cycle and some others celebrate by the solar cycles.

While food and celebration seems to be the common thread across cultures, the types of food, stories about the reasons behind including every single item seems to be based on local cultures. Pranams to all those who try to preserve these cultures and pass it along across generations 🙏🏻

Ugadi / Yugadi

Can you guess what the new year celebration is called in different languages?

It is interesting to see different cultures celebrating the new year in so many different ways!

Wish you a happy new year (to everyone who celebrates)!

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